September, 2020

CMstat and the Council of Logistics Engineering Professionals (CLEP) invite you to attend an educational webinar on Thursday, Sept. 24 on “A Configuration Management Primer for Logistics Professionals.”

configuration life cycle

Attendees will learn why logistics engineers – as well as other professionals working downstream of product engineering in program management, quality, compliance, procurement, tech pubs, customer support, field service, and MRO – should care about the function of Configuration Management (CM). 

In addition to receiving a fast-paced primer on the basics of Configuration Management participants will learn:

  • Why is Configuration Management fundamentally a Quality Management issue? 
  • What risks are present for the logistics organization if CM is not practiced by others?
  • Why CM is much more than change management and document version control?
  • What problems does CM help logistics engineers to avoid or solve?
  • How logistics workflows can become corrupted by the lack of CM or polluted by incorrect or obsolete configuration data?  
  • What are the warning signs your organization does not have a Configuration Management Plan?
  • Who should own responsibility for oversight and governance of CM within an organization?   
  • In best practices, how does CM data flow into and out of logistics?
  • How does CM help with updated part numbers, alternate/substitute parts and part supersession? 
  • When is a change considered truly complete?  
  • What is the benefit of ‘closing the loops” in CM processes?
  • How to assess the maturity of CM processes from good, better, to best? 
  • How CM can answer questions like ‘what do I do now that this part is obsolete?’
  • Does having access to enterprise PLM or engineering PDM software assure that effective CM is being performed?
  • How do CM processes and software tools manage all of the As-X configurations, e.g. As-Delivered, As-Certified, As-Maintained, As-Refurbished?
  • And much more! 

This Lunch & Learn style webinar will commence at 11:30 am CDT and run for one hour with an additional thirty minutes available for Q&A and discussion. The webinar is just one in a series that is being hosted by CLEP this fall. Visit to learn more about their other events and educational resources. 

To register for the webinar please visit For additional information or to receive notice of when a recording will be available please email CMstat at