About CMstat

CMstat History

The CMstat history includes being founded in 1989 with the mission of providing the first Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software for Hardware Configuration Management (CM) & Contract Deliverables CDRL Data Management (DM) to the Aerospace & Defense industry.

Prior to CMstat, CM software was limited to running only on mainframe computers. CMstat developed the first COTS CM software product, also known as CMstat, to support client-server IT architectures. Over the years, the functionality of CMstat continued to expand to serve its rapidly growing customer base.

MIL-STD-973 Configuration Management StandardThroughout CMstat’s history its employees have been active in numerous professional groups, industry associations and standard-setting organizations. As example, CMstat personnel contributed to writing Mil-Std-973 which was the precursor to EIA 649-B Configuration Management Standard.

CMstat is employee owned with a management team that acquired the company in 2002 from the original founders and investors. A new company, TPT Technologies, Inc. was formed in Nevada to purchase the assets of the CMstat Corporation. Today TPT Technologies, Inc. conducts business as CMstat with offices located in Nevada, Oregon, and Virginia.

The current owners and employees have invested further to take CMstat software products to ever increasing levels of functionality, performance, deployability, usability, and affordability. Employee ownership has allowed the company to remain hyper-focused on meeting the exacting needs of targeted industries for CM and DM applications, all without the pressure of outside investors wanting the company to chase different or larger technology markets than those of its customers.

In the past decade, the original CMstat software application which the company first became well respected for, has been rewritten and is now called PDMPlus. Supporting Oracle and SQL Server databases, PDMPlus provides end-to-end Product Data Management in a web-enabled environment.

More recently, the EPOCH DM product was developed and released as the first EIA-859 compliant web-native Contract Deliverables Management (CDRL) application to support not only the Aerospace & Defense industry, but any industry whose product development is specified by contract agencies or regulated by government bodies.

Today, CMstat provides rapidly deployable and instantly affordable Product Data Management (PDM), Configuration Management (CM), and CDRL Contract Deliverables Data Management (CDDM or DM) software and consulting services.

CMstat’s current product portfolio includes PDMPlus for CM and EPOCH DM. These CMstat solutions are used by OEMs and their supply chain and service partners in high-tech industries including aviation, aerospace & defense, transportation, marine, naval, and industrial machinery among others.

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