The CMstat team has excelled in providing us with their personal attention to our CM needs.

Glenn Trojnar, SRI International

CMstat provides ‘knowledge responses’ to our issues, which allows us to make better decisions to our projected processes of PLM.

Conrad Baranowski, Raytheon Systems Company

The support we receive from CMstat is over and above what could normally be expected. This company is really a poster child for extraordinary customer service.

Cheryl Anderson, Lockheed Martin

CMstat has been our most reliable source for configuration baseline identification and control.

Dennis Caruso, General Dynamics Amphibious Systems

CMstat has great features and is a very user friendly PDM system, and they provide comprehensive customer service.

Doug Mish, Raytheon Systems Company

The whole CMstat team works as a family of technical knowledge experts; problems and solutions are shared among the team members ensuring all their customers benefit from their experience.

Cheryl Anderson, Lockheed Martin

The recent release of PDMPlus is the biggest leap forward for CMstat in the past several years.

Susan Tallion, IMP Aerospace
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