January, 2021

In our last CMsights article we investigated how Asset Lifecycle Configuration Management (ALCM) is both similar to and different from engineering-centric Product Configuration Management. In this month’s recorded CMsights video blog we will demonstrate an ALCM function from the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) phase of an asset’s lifecycle that is common in aviation, aerospace, and defense sustainment programs.

To illustrate how CM applies to MRO, we’ll describe a typical challenge within asset maintenance workflows and then demonstrate how a configuration management software like CMstat’s EPOCH CM can be used to addresses that challenge. As an example, MRO organizations need access to configuration-related data over many years that can be easily accessed, searched, found, interrogated, validated, and updated. Software tools which support these requirements must themselves be readily usable with standards-based CM rules and best practices built in, providing complete product history and traceability upon demand, all with little training needed.

Specifically, we’ll take a look at some of the most important CM capabilities by stepping through an example using As-Maintained configuration data that is central to performing supply and service chain tasks like those found in MRO. This example will reference the definition of the configuration’s product structure (including indentured parts list, hardware, software, BOM, CAD models, documentation, etc.) specification of the baseline, establishment of the As-Maintained configuration from the As-Built, and where-used inquiries.

Next, we will look at how changes to the in-service configuration of serialized assets – like those due to substitution of alternate parts or refurbishment with entire new subassemblies – can be tracked and documented in revision records. Those configuration records then become part of the long winding digital thread which flows through the extended service life of a long-life asset.

CMstat Digital Thread

Watch part 1 of our short 10-minute video blog and demonstration HERE. There’s obviously much more we can show, so if you would like to see how a CM process, problem, or pain from your own organization can be improved upon, contact us at information@cmstat.com for a CM-expert led discussion and live demonstration. Until then, to learn more about EPOCH CM start HERE.