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What Do CM Rules Do For You?

June, 2017
In our most recent series of CMsights Posts we addressed the question of why not use PDM software for all Configuration Management applications, including those uses downstream of NPD engineering in aftermarket service, repair, maintenance, and overhaul.  A question CMstat received afterwards was about the differences between design-centric PDM software... Read More

Why not use PDM for all CM requirements? Part 3

April, 2017
In our third and final post on “why not use PDM for all CM requirements” we will discuss the three most common strategies over the years for providing configuration management capabilities to users across the OEM enterprise, as well as throughout the supply and service chain. These approaches are to:... Read More

Why not use PDM for all CM requirements? Part 2

March, 2017
 (Part 2 of 3) In our last CMsights post we began to unpack a question we hear frequently: why can’t we just use existing PDM software for all of our configuration management requirements, including those uses downstream of product engineering in the supply or service chain? Managing the configuration of a... Read More

Why not use PDM for all CM requirements?

February, 2017
 (Part 1 of 3) A common question we hear from industry attendees at conferences and workshops is “why can’t I just use our Product Data Management (PDM) software to satisfy all of our Configuration Management (CM) needs." The answer we at CMstat typically respond with is an honest “yes you... Read More

Why Care About Contract Deliverables Data Management?

January, 2017
One of the more frequent observations that we at CMstat takeaway after meeting with a prospective customer in the A&D industry is the lack of awareness in the job function of those who manage the delivery of contract-specified data and documentation to their own customers. While some managers may be... Read More
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