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Category: Configuration Management

Change Implementation is Much More than Change Control

In this month’s CMsights we speak with Lisa Fenwick, Vice President of Product Development for CMstat, to better understand what exactly is Change Implementation Planning and Verification.  It’s a timely topic because many product and project managers are justifiably confused by the overlapping terms change control, change management, change implementation,... Read More

The Importance of Configuration Management Training

In our recent CMsights article on “Lessons Learned from Implementing Configuration Management” we began sharing the most common mistakes CMstat has witnessed others make — and learn from the hard or easy way — when developing then executing their configuration management plan. By far the most common error was that... Read More

Lessons Learned Implementing Configuration Management Part 1

Our latest CMsights post begins a series on the most common lessons that CMstat has seen our software customers and consulting clients learn over the years from implementing configuration management (CM). These include lessons learned – both easy and hard - applicable to a small project, complete product line, major... Read More

Configuration Management and the Digital Thread

In our first CMviews interview, CMstat’s Vice President of Development Lisa Fenwick speaks with Larry Gurule, President of CMPIC, about the role of Configuration Management in taming then leveraging the Digital Thread. In this broadcast our pair of subject matter experts begin to explore: What is the Digital Thread and... Read More

Asset Lifecycle Configuration Management Whitepaper

CMstat has announced the publication and availability of its newest whitepaper on Asset Lifecycle Configuration Management, also known as ALCM. This is the first comprehensive paper available to address the practice of ALCM and the use of configuration management software by industries with long-life assets that are deployed in the... Read More

Asset Lifecycle Configuration Management Demo Using CMstat EPOCH CM

In our last CMsights article we investigated how Asset Lifecycle Configuration Management (ALCM) is both similar to and different from engineering-centric Product Configuration Management. In this month’s recorded CMsights video blog we will demonstrate an ALCM function from the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) phase of an asset’s lifecycle that... Read More

Asset Lifecycle Configuration Management

The Expanding Role of Configuration Management In this CMsights article we will examine the relatively new practice of Asset Lifecycle Configuration Management (ALCM), including how it is similar and different to product-centric CM, and the evolution in the use of CM software in industries with long-life products that have ALCM... Read More

CMstat Announces Release of EPOCH CM for Asset Configuration Management

The independent software solution provider CMstat has announced the general availability release of its next-generation Asset Configuration Management software product EPOCH CM. EPOCH CM offers a rapidly deployable, instantly usable, easily extensible, and swiftly affordable web-based solution for managing the live “As-X” configurations of deployed in-service products, equipment, systems, and... Read More

A Configuration Management Primer for Logistics Professionals

CMstat and the Council of Logistics Engineering Professionals (CLEP) invite you to attend an educational webinar on Thursday, Sept. 24 on “A Configuration Management Primer for Logistics Professionals.” Attendees will learn why logistics engineers – as well as other professionals working downstream of product engineering in program management, quality, compliance,... Read More

Configuration Management Maturity Models

In this month’s CMsights we begin to explore the value of a Configuration Management Assessment using configuration management maturity models developed specifically for the practice of CM. This follows our April 2020 article on Configuration Management Assessments. In that post, we presented an example configuration management checklist of questions that... Read More