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Category: Epoch DM

Why Care About Contract Deliverables Data Management?

One of the more frequent observations that we at CMstat takeaway after meeting with a prospective customer in the A&D industry is the lack of awareness in the job function of those who manage the delivery of CDRL data and documentation to their own customers. While some managers may be... Read More

EPOCH DM : Increase Performance on Performance Based Contracts

The world of “Deliverables” encompasses a number of items.  The classic A&D CDRL/SDRL, Internal Tasking, Subcontractors Deliverables, Government Regulatory Requirements.  See how EPOCH DM automates processes, increases deliverable quality and on-time performance, reduces errors and ultimately adds to the bottom line. Read More

Huge upfront costs as a roadblock for software implementation funding

According to Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) “up to 70 percent of software implementations fail to meet objectives…” You will not have that problem with CMstat software applications. Just ask our customers. We believe the tool should fit your processes, not the reverse. By using our standard implementation methodology, CMstat can…

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