October, 2020

The independent software solution provider CMstat has announced the general availability release of its next-generation Asset Configuration Management software product EPOCH CM.

EPOCH CM Asset Configuration Management

EPOCH CM offers a rapidly deployable, instantly usable, easily extensible, and swiftly affordable web-based solution for managing the live “As-X” configurations of deployed in-service products, equipment, systems, and other assets along with their digital twin representations.

EPOCH CM was developed from the onset for use by OEMs and supply/service chain contractors working in high-tech industries such as aviation, aerospace & defense, marine, transportation, rail, heavy equipment, and energy. What these industries share in common is they design, build, deploy, commission, support, maintain, refurbish, repair, and retire or recycle high-value assets. These assets are often deployed with complex mission-critical configurations that can vary by lot, serial number, owner-operator, location, contract, date, and operating environment.

These long-life assets, which are often far removed from the OEM’s original engineering PDM or enterprise PLM systems, go thru many “As-X” configuration changes over their lifecycle. These include As-Built, As-Delivered, As-Installed, As-Tested, As-Certified, As-Provisioned, As-Maintained, As-Refurbished, and even As-Retired.

The Long Digital "Rope" of Asset Configuration Lifecycle

Asset Configuration Management

EPOCH was designed for use not only by CM specialists and certified experts but also by occasional users and managers who are downstream consumers of configuration data. These roles include those working in program management, engineering services, project management, procurement, supply chain, logistics, quality, test, provisioning, compliance, aftermarket service, sustainment and MRO.

EPOCH CM provides these users with the most comprehensive yet easily usable Configuration Management capabilities available today for managing, documenting, tracking, and reporting changes to the past, present, and future configuration states of products, equipment, systems, and other assets that may operate in the field for years or even decades.

CMstat’s Vice President of Development Lisa Fenwick comments:

“The development of CMstat EPOCH CM has allowed us to take advantage of new technologies and an improved architecture to create a product that is a step-function improvement for both CM and DM professionals along with the IT specialists who support them. Our customers are able to structure configuration-related data and create relationships that model their product information in the way that is best for them without limitation. At the same time, they have the confidence that comes with working within an environment that enforces basic accepted practices and maintains the integrity of their data.“

The extensive capabilities of EPOCH CM, like that of its predecessor PDMPlus CM, include management of product structures, baselines, configuration items, engineering changes, effectivity analyses, impact assessments, where used queries, process automation, documentation, ITAR compliance, and much more. Learn more about the numerous applications, functional capabilities, and benefits of EPOCH CM by starting with this EPOCH CM Overview.

The capabilities of EPOCH CM were implemented with strict adherence to the most rigorous industry standards and best practices for CM including those from EIA-649 and CMPIC. Cynthia Hauer, President of the Association for Configuration and Data Management (ACDM) and Founder Owner of High Mountain Data Management, shared her observations:

“We found EPOCH to be highly intuitive to use and based on fundamental standards that promote data integrity, provenance, and source. It transforms data from these fundamental principles into knowledge and then into information that provides actionable insights. EPOCH aids collaboration by providing a common language to practitioners.”

EPOCH CM is part of the larger CMstat EPOCH product portfolio which includes previously-released EPOCH DM. EPOCH DM provides for data management of the deliverables associated with government and commercial contracts in the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries. EPOCH DM helps data managers to aggregate, track, review, audit, and secure the many interdependent data handling tasks the perform. It does so by managing contract data deliverables and automating workflow processes in the context of their associated programs, contracts, projects, and compliance requirements.

CMstat is a well-established independent software firm that has operated for over three decades. It owes its longevity and reputation due to a single-minded focus on meeting the rigorous CM and DM needs of its customers in a few select industries of Aerospace & Defense, Marine, Transportation, and High-Tech. For additional information or to request a demonstration visit www.cmstat.com or contact CMstat directly at information@cmstat.com and (503) 537-1959.