April, 2021

In our first CMviews interview, CMstat’s Vice President of Development Lisa Fenwick speaks with Larry Gurule, President of CMPIC, about the role of Configuration Management in taming then leveraging the Digital Thread. In this broadcast our pair of subject matter experts begin to explore:

  • What is the Digital Thread and why should Configuration Management practitioners and their managers care?
  • Which foundational elements of Configuration Management also apply to managing the Digital Thread?
  • How will the practice of CM change with an emphasis on supporting then taming the DT?
  • Will the CM Planning process and resulting CM Plan be affected?
  • What are some of the likely obstacles and challenges?
  • How might CM standards, governance, and performance metrics evolve?
  • Who best to lead an organization in assessing all these issues?

During the discussion, in response to a question from Lisa about the future of CM, Larry responded about the now: “The world is transforming around us. Whether we are ready or not for the digital thread it is happening to us….How do we plan, prepare and proceed for all of this? Because there is a disruption going on and it’s going to make or break our organizations. Those who are able to adapt are going to succeed. Those who are going to struggle are going to have difficulty succeeding. We saw this in just the last year. Look at all the businesses who were able to transform and those who couldn’t.”

Listen now to their insightful conversation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW_0v1JgbDY or watch below. To receive notices of future CMviews sign up HERE.

Read more about the use of Configuration Management within Digital Twins and Digital Threads to avoid “Digital Rat Nests” in this CMsights article at https://cmstat.com/digital-twins-for-as-maintained-configuration-management-part-1/.