Demonstration Request

Thank you for requesting a live configuration management software demonstration of PDMPlus CM or a contract deliverables data management software demonstration of EPOCH DM.

Configuration Management Software Demonstration

CMstat is so confident in our software products and team members that we offer live, interactive demonstrations upon demand for individuals or groups.

During a configuration management software demonstration we can illustrate the most important capabilities of PDMPlus including:

  • A Central Database of Authority for Live Configuration Data
  • Product Structure and BOM Management
  • Item and Part Identification
  • Multiple Product Line Management
  • Configuration Item Management
  • Change Management, Change Effectivity, and Impact Assessment
  • Baseline Management
  • As-Configured Management of As-Built, As-Designed, and As-Maintained
  • Workflow Automation & Action Item Tracking
  • Document Control & Collaborative Review
  • Reporting of Performance, Contract, Compliance, and Regulatory Requirements

In our demonstrations we don’t just show the functionality and features of the PDMPlus and EPOCH, but demonstrate how workflow processes can be automated and improved with CMstat software products.

Please submit your request below and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the demo.


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