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  • Improving Program Profitability With Contract Deliverables Data Management Using CMstat EPOCH DM
  • Nimble Configuration Management for the Contract Supply and Service Chain Using CMstat PDMPlus CM
  • Collaboration White Paper
  • CM & ILS: Two Sides of The Same Coin White Paper
  • Business Process Management Brochure
  • Collaborative Online Document Review System Brochure
  • Migration Headache White Paper
  • PLM: New Promise for A&D White Paper
  • Aberdeen CM Benchmark Report: Formalize and Extend CM to Drive Quality
  • Data Management Challenges of Aerospace & Defense White Paper
  • What Is Configuration Management White Paper
  • EPOCH DM Data Sheet
  • CMstat CM System Data Sheet
  • Emerging Product Lifecycle Technology Market Opportunities for the A&D Supply Chain White Paper

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