Webinars, Videos, and Podcasts

View these configuration management webinars and CDRL data management videos using CMstat software products EPOCH CM, EPOCH DM and PDMPlus CM.

In our Configuration Management videos learn about the use of industry standards and best practices including Configuration Management rules and standards like CMII. In our Data Management webinars learn how EPOCH DM automates, standardizes, and secures all of the data deliverables associated with defense contracts.

If you have trouble accessing these YouTube hosted videos through your corporate firewall, just let us know at information@cmstat.com and we will send a direct link for viewing on your personal computer or mobile device.

Digital Thread Discussion with A. Larry Gurule of CMPIC, I-Infusion

A Demonstration of Asset Lifecycle Configuration Management Using CMstat EPOCH CM

A Configuration Management Primer for Logistics Professionals

Hardware Configuration Management Software for the A&D Supply and Service Chain: A Demonstration of As-Configured Management Using PDMPlus


What Do Configuration Management Rules Do For You?


EPOCH Contract Deliverables Data Management from CMstat

PDMPlus – Product Data Configuration Management Software from CMstat

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