Advanced CM and DM Training

CMstat offers a comprehensive training program to get our customers up and running with the PDMPlus CM and EPOCH DM software tools.  We provide customized advanced training classes for customer-specific processes to be implemented in CMstat software.

Example advanced training modules include:

  • Metrics gathering and reporting
  • Refined change processing
  • Product structures to create As-Built, As-Designed, As-Maintained records
  • Custom Reporting
  • Business Process Management and Optimization
  • Configuration Item cross-referencing
  • And much more

Whether it is a refresher course on basic functionality for new users or advanced training on product features not yet taken advantage of, CMstat will deliver a program addressing the exact needs and level of expertise within your organization.

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    The recent release of PDMPlus is the biggest leap forward for CMstat in the past several years.
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