Configuration and Data Management Planning

Any product configuration data solution must start with a comprehensive yet realistic Configuration and Data Management plan. The CM and DM plan is the basis for what information to capture, how to acquire or migrate data, then how to manage that data throughout the lifecycle of a product or program.

CMstat’s certified Configuration and Data Management professionals have the expertise and experience to create a plan for your organization that will ensure you are getting all product information under control in the most efficient way possible.

We bring our years of on-the-job experience and deep knowledge of industry best practices when developing CM and DM Plans for CMstat customers. Yet, instead of operating as the experts from afar, we collaborate with our customer team as an embedded partner where your employees participate and learn in the process .

Contact CMstat today to see how we can help you develop a streamlined, successful, proven plan and process for management of your product data.

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    The whole CMstat team works as a family of technical knowledge experts; problems and solutions are shared among the team members ensuring all their customers benefit from their experience.
    Cheryl Anderson, Lockheed Martin
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