CMstat Full Implementation Software Lease

Huge upfront deployment costs and high-dollar budget requests have historically been the main roadblocks for a product data management PDM and configuration management CM software implementation. Up to now, the only way around this expense for programs was to subscribe to a shared corporate hosted site, or download open source freeware that is rarely free in the end.

If you want your proprietary metadata and confidential documentation managed by rapidly deployable and instantly usable software installed and protected at your project site, look to CMstat. For over 20 years, CMstat has provided fully functional out-of-the-box CM and DM solutions to the Aerospace & Defense Industry. The PDMPlus CM and EPOCH DM solutions are used to manage a wide range of product data from air force bombers and army tanks to satellite communication networks and space payload launch equipment.

The CMstat Full Implementation Lease program provides whole companies or individual programs of any size with an instantly affordable way to acquire the functionality they need to meet their Product Configuration and Data Management requirements.

The CMstat Full Implementation Lease package rolls up the cost of:

  • Software
  • Implementation Services
  • Annual Support & Maintenance
  • Travel & Expenses

and spreads them over a 24 or 36 month term.

It works because CMstat applications are so mature that our implementations can be offered with a fixed price and firm schedule of deployment.

CMstat delivers proven core capabilities to meet your functionality needs without customization.  You will know the total cost in dollars, time and resource requirements before you deploy.

To discuss how the Full Implementation Lease program can fit within your budgetary funding model, please contact Tom Tesmer directly at 877-537-1959 or email

Request a complimentary 10-point checkup review of your existing or proposed Configuration Management Plan by submitting your contact information below.

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