Configuration Product Data Migration

Legacy Data Migration & Data Mapping

Our Proven Methodology

CMstat uses a proven data integration method to identify, format and migrate legacy data into our system. Given the proper information, a fixed price will normally be quoted for the migration service. The process is broken down into two phases: Data Mapping and Data Migration.

Data Mapping

The Data Mapping Phase is performed at the customer site and normally accomplished in five to ten working days depending on the number of databases and complexity of the data. During the mapping, all data elements to be moved from legacy systems are identified and mapped into actual CMstat CM or EPOCH DM fields.

The result is a Data Map and format into which the legacy data will be extracted, verified and brought into the production database. This neutral format contains the data structure and relationships required by the CMstat CM or EPOCH DM database.

Data Migration

Once Data Mapping is complete and the extracted data delivered to CMstat, the actual Data Migration Process begins, which involves test migrations and data analysis to ensure data integrity and location in the database. The Data Migration Process may be completed in two to four weeks depending on the condition of customer data, number of source databases and the availability of customer resources.

Once the test data migration is validated for data quality and accepted by both parties, the final migration is run, and the production database is delivered to the customer.


CMstat also licenses its SIRT Mass Import and Update Utility for use with the CMstat CM system to those customers who expect multiple mass data deliveries. For example, mass data deliveries from a sub-contractor, uploading newly won contracts, departmental consolidations, etc. EPOCH DM contains an embedded Data Import module to support mass data delivery.

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