Process Optimization

CMstat’s subject matter experts for Configuration Management (CM) and Contract Deliverables Data Management (CDDM) will review your existing processes to assess and benchmark their current state.  From these face-to-face working sessions, improvements are suggested based on best practices and industry standards amplified by our experience with customers over a 25 plus year history.  Buy-in from stakeholders is achieved from the beginning by eliciting their input and respecting the requirements and experience of each professional role involved in the process.

A few of the candidate processes we examine with customers include:

  • Introduction of new designs and data
  • Change processing and disposition
  • Verification and audits – preparation and execution
  • Baseline identification and striking
  • Review and approval processes
  • Data distribution
  • Change implementation – product and data updates
  • Defining and identifying complete product data and structure

CMstat takes a hands-on pragmatic approach that allows our customers to gain efficiencies without major disruptions and unnecessary upgrades. This practicality allows for quicker adoption of new processes, which translates to faster return on investment.

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