PDMPlus CM & EPOCH DM Software Product Training

CMstat offers basic and advanced product data management and configuration management software training classes. These classes include PDMPlus CM software training and EPOCH DM software training for users, system administrators, and IT system architects.

System Administrator Training

CM Software TrainingSystem Administrators are trained in a “hands on” environment during System Set-up at the beginning of the implementation. Working with the designated Administrators during the set-up phase provides excellent on- the-job training experience and better retention. At the end of this phase the Administrator is thoroughly versed on the workings of the Administration Module, and well on the way to having the entire system production ready.

For new System Administrators assigned to a CMstat PDMPLUS or EPOCH DM system already in production, we offer a two day course dealing extensively with the Administration Management Module. This course may, or may not, be held in conjunction with End User Training depending upon the students’ familiarity.

End User Training

A three day class (maximum ten students) providing a general overview of:

  • Configuration Management concepts and how to apply them utilizing the CMstat application, or
  • Data Management concepts and how to apply them utilizing the EPOCH DM application.

Detailed user education and hands-on training in all basic functions of the selected system.

ERD (Schema) Training

(CMstat Application only)

A three day course (maximum two students) detailing the structure and relationships of the tables and fields within the CMstat database.

A student group should include one front-end person who understands what the data is used for, and one IT person familiar with SQL and database knowledge who understands where to find data within a database.

This course is designed for those companies who have IT resource support and may wish to construct their own external system interfaces, handle data consolidation and integration, load mass data with the use of our SIRT utility or make extensive use of the CMstat embedded custom report writer.

A confidential and supported copy of the database schema is supplied to the customer IT department upon completion of the course.

Custom Report Writer Training

This is a one day course designed to supplement the User Guide and Tutorials supporting the Custom Report Writer tools embedded in both PDMPlus CM and EPOCH DM. The course will instruct the student on the methods for creating, saving, modifying and exporting professional looking custom reports.

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