Configuration Management Requirements Analysis

Maximize your investment with data and configuration management requirements and planning consulting from CMstat.

CMstat has the expertise to evaluate your current business processes and point you in the right direction for getting control of your product data. This evaluation begins with the process of configuration management requirements definition and analysis.

Our CM and DM trained personnel will come to your site and use our evaluation techniques to gain a thorough understanding of your current business processes and plans. We review any documentation you can provide and also interview those individuals who are involved in the data in any way. This gives us a multifaceted view of how you do business, what works and what users aren’t happy with.

Configuration Management Requirements Analysis

During the evaluation, we will expose areas of concern where errors are introduced or automation is needed as well as highlighting what is working well and bringing you value in your current processes.

The result of the survey is a detailed road map that will tell you how to move forward with process improvements, implementing a tool (CMstat or otherwise) and a schedule with milestones along the way so you can see exactly how long it will be until you are seeing return on investment.

CMstat customers have used this service in the past to help them streamline processes, improve control and usability of product data, give greater visibility of information to various groups within the organization and plan for roll out of new product features.

Request a complimentary 10-point checkup review of your existing or proposed Configuration Management Plan by submitting your contact information below.

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