System Integration

Our Proven Methodology

CMstat uses a proven system integration method to identify, format and share product data between all the many different applications that form a federated PLM solution architecture. Interfaces can be one-way or two-way depending on customer requirements. Whenever CMstat develops an integration with a third party system, rules are applied to the data being moved to ensure that users of each system are getting validated data at the right time.

Given the proper information, a fixed price will normally be quoted depending on complexity. The Interface Development Process is broken down into phases including: Identification of Data Elements to be moved, Data Screen Mapping, Direction of Data Movement, Conditions for Movement and Establishment of Data validation rules.

Interface Development Process

Planning and mapping is normally performed at the customer site and accomplished in five to ten working days depending on complexity and number of systems involved. During this phase, data elements and desired interface transactions are identified and mapped to both the source and target systems.

Actual interface construction is accomplished at CMstat facilities. Deliverables include Interface, Documentation, Installation and Training. Optional Annual Support is available.

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