EPOCH DM Applications for CDRL Contract Deliverables Data Management

Companies produce products and services under contractual agreement to ensure proper and timely payment. Major dollars are spent every year on heroics to ensure that Product Requirements, Development, Manufacturing and Maintenance schedules are met.

Much the same is true for the Government customer who is charged with managing a multitude of Contractor deliverables to ensure payments are made correctly and promptly. While the contractor manages deliverables to its customers and primes, as well as from it sub-contractors, the Government DM department is managing a multitude of inputs from a variety of Contractors.

EPOCH DM supports both Government and Industry. Compliant with the ANSI/GEIA-859 Data Management standard, EPOCH DM manages not only traditional CDRL’s and SDRL’s, but is tailorable to manage any type of deliverable data and Contract Management Objects in support of the “Enterprise Data Management” concept.

EPOCH tracks the life cycle of each Data object related to a contract, e.g. CDRL, SDRL, Amendments, Invoices, Correspondence, etc. from creation to closure with a complete history of movement to, and from the originator and recipients.

For example, a CDRL may be created and assigned to a contractor. Once complete, it is then submitted to the customer. In a rare instance, that would be the end of the process. In most cases, however, the customer will return the submission with comments. Recipient comments are received and from these, the item is then edited and resubmitted. This process may take multiple cycles and require review by affected third parties.

EPOCH provides a secure Web-Portal that streamlines the Submittal/Receipt process by allowing external users (customers, contractors, subs, primes, et. al.) to have secure access to the system, for retrieving and uploading documents via a simple-to-use web page.

All data exchanges, whether incoming or outgoing, plus the comments and changes are scheduled, managed and tracked by EPOCH DM. A full audit history is kept on each object and easily accessible when needed. Metrics can be gathered on the process at any point along the way to assess participants’ performance.

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