EPOCH CM Demonstration Request

For a brief EPOCH CM introductory demonstration of an example Asset Lifecycle Configuration Management workflow task watch this recorded demonstration.


Alternatively, in a live custom configuration management software demonstration we can illustrate the most important EPOCH CM capabilities including:

  • A Central Database of Authority for Live Configuration Data
  • Product Structure and BOM Management
  • Part, Software, and Document Identification and Relationships
  • Configuration Item Management
  • Baseline Management
  • Multiple or Variant Product Line Management
  • Change Management, Effectivity, and Impact Assessment
  • Where Used, Alternate Substitute Management, and Supersession
  • As-Configured Management of As-Built, As-Designed, and As-Maintained
  • Business Process Automation and Workflow Task Management
  • Document Creation, Versioning Control and Review
  • Compliance, Certification, Security and ITAR Tracking

In our private custom demonstrations we don’t just show the functionality and features of EPOCH CM, but will demonstrate how quickly workflow processes can be created, automated, and improved upon using CMstat software products.

Please submit your request below and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your demo.

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