EPOCH CM Overview

EPOCH CM Asset Configuration Management

EPOCH Configuration Management or “EPOCH CM” is the latest extension of the CMstat EPOCH product portfolio which includes EPOCH Data Management or “EPOCH DM”. The EPOCH CM software solution was created to enable program managers, project leads, product engineers, supply chain contractors and MRO/sustainment operators to quickly deploy an instantly usable web-based configuration management tool that was immediately cost effective with a minimum of IT support resources required.

EPOCH CM was designed from the onset for use by OEMs and contractors working in high-tech industries including aviation, aerospace & defense, marine, transportation, rail, and energy. What these customers of CMstat all have in common is that they design, build, deploy, commission, support, maintain, repair, refurbish, and retire high-value long-life assets with complex configurations that can vary by lot or serial number.

The mission-critical assets which EPOCH CM can be used to manage includes component parts, equipment, products, product portfolios, instrument networks, complete systems, system of systems and more recently digital twins. Comprehensive configuration management of the As-Configured state of these assets over their entire As-Deployed and As-Maintained lifecycle is critical to ensuring performance, reliability, and safety requirements are met.

EPOCH Definition

From our 30-years of experience CMstat understands that most users of CM software and consumers of CM data in these industries are not design engineers in the early stages of a new product or program. There are far more users, reviewers, and revisers of CM data collectively working in the contracts, requirements, procurement, test, logistics, quality, compliance, tech pubs, service, and repair organizations. Most of these users work downstream and far removed from the OEM’s original CAD-centric PDM databases. As a result, they typically do not need another engineering-centric PDM software, nor do they want the costly burden of an over-weight enterprise-level PLM solution.

EPOCH CM was developed specifically for these users and their demanding applications of a CM tool that is configured out-of-the-box for use in their industry and with their industry-specific processes and standards, thus avoiding time-consuming implementations and customizations.

Begin your exploration of EPOCH CM by examining its many CM application uses, extensive CM capabilities, deep CM functionality, and benefits to the project and business. Look for more information coming soon on these new EPOCH CM website pages or contact CMstat at information@cmstat.com. Until then, learn how EPOCH DM is already helping the A&D industry to manage of all of the many data deliverables associated with government and commercial contracts.

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