EPOCH DM Applications for Contract Deliverables Data Managment

EPOCH DM is a highly-focused best-in-class CDRL management tool application for supporting the operational needs of the Project Manager, Contract Manager, Data Manager, and Data Clerk working in the program office, engineering services, finance, procurement, quality, and compliance organizations.

These professionals seek real-time visibility and reliable tracking of the status of all the data deliverables associated with their projects, including schedules and workflow tasks.  They also desire to maintain an auditable history of all changes, notifications, correspondence, approvals, rejections, resubmissions, and final dispositions related to contract data deliverables.

A few of the most important workflow applications that users have from a CDDM solution like EPOCH include:

  • Locate and collect data deliverables from different organizations, repositories and formats, and with their relationships and history retained
  • Identify and categorize then reconcile any missing, incomplete, duplicate, incorrect, or obsolete data
  • Create and populate customer-specified documents such as CDRLs and SDRLs
  • Perform on-line review, updating, and approval of documentation
  • Submit data and documents for approval and manage the process
  • Track transmittals between contractors and customers, and from sub-contractors to primes, with history preserved
  • Ensure compliance and protection of ITAR, confidential, proprietary, and IP data
  • Verify submittals, corrections, and rejections from contractors and subcontractors
  • Provide timely reports to colleagues and management on status of submissions
  • Use events-based scheduling to automatically drive workflow processes
  • Isolate decisions taken or work underway that is based on old data and perform impact analysis
  • Re-plan and monitor cascading work assignments which must be repeated due to use of incorrect or obsolete data
  • Notify internal users or external customers of schedule changes, cost irregularities, or project delays
  • Secure and archive all data delivered to internal users, sub-contractors, customers, and regulatory bodies

Before a CDRL Management Tool

Prior to the availability of a CDDM solution like EPOCH DM, performing the above workflow steps meant shifting through an avalanche of data using numerous applications with disparate systems of record that were rarely synchronized.  EPOCH DM addresses these needs by providing a single industry-focused software solution which:

  • Collects, maintains, and secures all contract data deliverables along with their history so that each entry can be tracked, accessed, verified, audited, and shared upon demand.
  • Provides real-time visibility to monitor the status of upcoming deliverables and document the transmittal of data deliverables presented to the customer in contract- specified formats.
  • Delivers advanced business process management that is automated and tailored for contract deliverables data management workflows
  • Captures performance trends and metrics of internal departments, external sub-contractors, and customer generated deliverables.
  • Provides the data, processes, and utility to support and monitor continuous process improvement
  • Is easy to deploy by customers without extensive IT support nor customization, and is instantly usable out of the box by users

To learn about the CDRL management tool capabilities of EPOCH DM visit EPOCH DM Capabilities.

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