EPOCH DM Benefits for Contract Deliverables Data Management

Implementing a nimble and affordable CDDM solution like EPOCH DM for Contract Data Requirements List management can benefit the aerospace & defense industry by helping contractors to improve organizational efficiency, reduce internal costs, maximize contract revenues, contain program execution risks, improve program profitability, and enhance supplier reputation.

EPOCH DM delivers these benefits by providing the program office and project managers with access to a dashboard for real-time view of deliverables status with data all in one place. Visibility to organizational performance metrics is available to enable efficiency gains with continuous improvement.

Contract Data Requirements List of Yesterday

The work performed by data managers and clerical staffs will improve in efficiency from fewer errors, secure data vaulting, process automation, on-demand reports, and reliable tracking of submittals and receipt history.

Visibility into the nuances of contract data requirements list — as to what’s needed, in what format, and by when — will accelerate the work of product engineering and engineering services groups.  They will also gain the ability to track sub-contractor requirements and performance while pinpointing resubmittal issues.

The finance and contract departments will have the tools, data, and metrics to maximize contract value, avoid penalties, earn contract bonuses, and optimize subcontractor performance. Their legal and compliance groups will be more proficient in demonstrating regulatory compliance with protection of data related to ITAR, controlled goods, and intellectual property.

EPOCH DM CDRL Management BenefitsFor IT support teams and their budgets, EPOCH DM equates to lower overhead costs with no need to maintain legacy software or provide additional ad-hoc tools for CDDM.  Merging disparate databases into EPOCH DM further reduces support hours and simplifies security compliance.

Finally, and yet most important, the contactor’s customers — such as Department of Defense agencies — will be ultimate beneficiaries of a CDDM solution like EPOCH DM. Suppliers who have standardized, automated, secured, and optimized a more effectual system for managing data deliverables will most assuredly have a financial and competitive advantage.

To read about an actual use case of EPOCH DM visit EPOCH DM Case Study.

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