EPOCH DM Capabilities for Contract Deliverables Data Management

Program and project managers who are responsible for the delivery of all the CDRL data specified in contracts seek a CDDM solution like EPOCH DM that out-of-the-box, without customization, can deliver the following capabilities:

  • A single application to manage all incoming and outgoing deliverables in the context of each program, contract, site, and project
  • Eliminates duplicate records and multiple repositories of contract-related data
  • Dashboards for users and managers for real-time visibility into the status and work-in-progress
  • On-demand reporting customized to the organization’s preferences
  • Easy to access and secure web-based portals that is intuitive for occasional users and managers
  • The ability to capture each deliverable’s entire data set including status and history of all submittals, receipts, and resubmittals
  • Use intelligent relational data formats, versus flat files, with a drill-down capability for retrieving history
  • Automatic milestone-based delivery scheduling
  • Automatic cascading of updates and email notification of schedule changes
  • Minimizing extraneous communications, iterations, and corrections to isolate, verify, and release approved data to users, partners, customers, and other interested parties.
  • Flexible workflows that can be user-defined and user-managed without IT support
  • Built-in support of industry standards, best practices, and regulatory compliance norms
  • Secure data repository and vaulting
  • Performance metrics reporting that may be customized for each site or contract

To explore the features and functionality of EPOCH DM that deliver these capabilities visit EPOCH DM Functionality.

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