EPOCH DM Demonstration Request

CMstat is so confident in our products and team members that we offer a live, interactive data management software demonstration upon demand for individuals, groups or entire organizations.

Configuration Management Software Demonstration


During a EPOCH Data Management software demonstration we can illustrate the most important EPOCH DM capabilities including:

  • A single application to manage all incoming and outgoing deliverables in the context of each program, contract, site, and project
  • Eliminates duplicate records and multiple repositories of contract-related data
  • Dashboards for users and managers for real-time visibility into the status and work-in-progress
  • On-demand reporting customized to the organization’s preferences
  • Easy to access and secure web-based portals that is intuitive for occasional users and managers
  • The ability to capture each deliverable’s entire data set including status and history of all submittals, receipts, and resubmittals
  • Use intelligent relational data formats, versus flat files, with a drill-down capability for retrieving history
  • Minimizing extraneous communications, iterations, and corrections to isolate, verify, and release approved data to users, partners, customers, and other interested parties.
  • Flexible workflows that can be user-defined and user-managed without IT support
  • Built-in support of industry standards, best practices, and regulatory compliance norms
  • Secure data repository and vaulting
  • Performance metrics reporting that may be customized for each site or contract

In our demonstrations we don’t just show the functionality and features of EPOCH DM, but will demonstrate how quickly workflow processes can be created, automated, and improved with CMstat software products.

Please submit your request below and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the demo. Note: all fields are required.

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