EPOCH DM Functionality for Contract Deliverables Data Management

CMstat’s EPOCH DM is the only commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution which addresses the unique needs of Contract Deliverables Data Management (CDDM) while supporting the ANSI/EIA 859 data management standard.

The extensive features and deep functionality found in EPOCH DM were explicitly developed and rigorously tested to support the exacting data management requirements in today’s defense contracting environment.

Objects in ANSI/EIA 859 Data Management


EPOCH DM delivers upon this functionality because it:

  • Was developed from the ground up to support standards such as ANSI/EIA 859 Enterprise Data Management
  • Manages not only CDRLs and SDRLs but all the contract data types, Data Item Descriptions (DID), objects, records, artifacts, and documents over the lifecycle of a program, project, or product
  • Uses a comprehensive rules base with pre-programmed data model to manage all the interdependent relationships among data deliverables
  • Offers an embedded Business Process Management capability that allows users to create and use workflows to simplify, standardize and automate recurring tasks
  • Facilitates the live configurable tracking of each data element which eventually populates a downstream customer deliverable
  • Provides role-based dashboards, configurable views, and custom reports for monitoring and sharing deliverables status
  • Provides users with a secure web-based portal with role-based authorizations
  • Adheres to rigorous practices for secure data vaulting to isolate and protect ITAR, confidential, or proprietary data.
  • Can interoperate and integrate with other departmental or enterprise solutions, (e.g., PM, EDM, PDM, and PLM) through a digital data spine that is accessible by templates and workflow modules
  • Is rapidly deployable and instantly usable without excessive IT resources to install or customize
  • Has an architecture that makes it highly configurable and extensible without loss of maintainability by users

To examine how these functions, which support the EIA 859  data management standard, can be applied to your processes, request a live demo at EPOCH DM Demo.

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