EPOCH DM Overview for Contract Deliverables Data Management

CMstat’s EPOCH DM™ CDRL software is a rapidly deployable and instantly usable solution for the management of all the data deliverables associated with government and commercial contracts in the aviation, aerospace, defense, marine, transportation, mobility, and heavy equipment industries.

Software solutions for contract deliverables data management – also known as CDDM, DDM, or just DM – benefit their users by automating, standardizing, securing and optimizing the end-to-end data deliverables processes specified in contracts. EPOCH DM as a CDDM solution enables contractors to meet delivery schedules, substantiate interim payments, earn contract performance bonuses, eliminate penalties for missed deliverables, reduce overhead cost, contain program execution risks, maximize contract revenues, enhance program profitability, and maintain their reputation as a dependable contractor.

In aerospace and defense contracting, the most important data deliverable is the Contract Data Requirement List, or CDRL, for prime contractors and the Supplier Data Requirement List, or SDRL, for subcontractors. In many performance-based contracts the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness in delivery of CDRL-specified data by the contractor is as important as the final delivery of the physical product, platform, or system to their customer.


EPOCH DM is the first commercial-off-the-shelf CDRL software solution developed specifically for the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries. EPOCH DM is equally applicable to other high-tech industries that have data deliverables across the contract supply chain.

EPOCH DM helps users in engineering services, logistics, procurement, and supply chain to define, schedule, collect, check, correct, submit, and report on the status of contract data deliverables.

It assists managers in the program, contracts, finance and regulatory compliance offices with the process of reconciling, securing, auditing, and archiving all the data and documentation deliverables over the long lifecycles of A&D programs.

EPOCH DM was developed from its inception to meet the DoD data delivery requirements specified in DD1423, MIL-HDBK-245D, and DD1664 while supporting industry enterprise data management standards such as ANSI/EIA-859.

On top of these standards, EPOCH DM adds extended rules-based functionality, pre-programmed data relationships, advanced business process management workflow tools, and secure web portal access to standardize and accelerate the submittal and receipt process for any type of commercial data deliverables and digital content, not just military CDRLs and SDRLs.

To learn more about the applications of EPOCH DM Click Here or request a live demo at EPOCH DM Demo.

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