EPOCH DM Frequently Asked Questions

Does EPOCH DM as a contract deliverables management tool support the EIA-859 Data Management Standard?  Yes, EPOCH supports the EIA-859 DM standard.

Can EPOCH DM track supplier certifications such as ISO?  Yes, EPOCH’s Suppliers module has standard inputs for company certification information, vault space where electronic or hardcopy certificates can be tracked. Multiple certifications may be tracked and the contacts for that supplier are also part of the record.

Can EPOCH DM handle items due that are not part of contract deliverables?  Yes – any delivery of any type that has a schedule or a due date can be managed by EPOCH. Many of our customers are using EPOCH for traditional CDRL/SDRL tracking while others have expanded their use of EPOCH standard functionality to also manage Tasks.

Is the use of Contract records required in EPOCH DM?  No – use of the Contract record and linkage to CDRLs/SDRLs is optional.

Does EPOCH require a full-time Oracle DBA for database maintenance?  No – many of our customers have very limited access to IT resources. In general, our customers budget for ¼ of a full time dba per year.

Does the day-to-day administration of EPOCH DM require an IT resource?  No – there are some initial settings upon installation for which an IT resource will be needed such as setting up email server info, vault setup, etc. The other tailoring of the system can be done by a data manager at any time and includes:

  • Setting up block numbering
  • Changing field titles
  • Editing standard email notification templates
  • Defining document types
  • Creating user accounts and assigning permissions/roles
  • Adding additional fields

Does EPOCH DM support LDAP?  Yes, there is support for LDAP out of the box.

What if I don’t have CDRLs or SDRLs; what can EPOCH DM do for me?  Even if you don’t have government contracts using CDRLs/SDRLs you can benefit from the kind of organization, scheduling and reminders EPOCH offers. Whatever your business is, you have ‘customers’ and those ‘customers’ require something from you. Whatever you deliver to your customers (whether they be internal or external customers) can be defined, scheduled and managed in EPOCH. EPOCH helps you make sure that the correct product is delivered on time to the correct customer and automatic email reminders help you accomplish this.

How about reporting in EPOCH DM?  EPOCH contains an embedded report writer that allows access to all tables and fields. Reports may be saved for future use as private, or shared, reports. There is also a variety of pre-formatted reports available.

Don’t see your question? Send it to us at information@cmstat.com and we will be back to you within one business day.

Ready to see a demonstration of EPOCH? Request a live on-demand demo at EPOCH DM Demo.

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