PDMPlus Configuration Management Software Overview

CMstat’s PDMPlus™ is a rapidly deployable, instantly usable, easily tailorable, and swiftly affordable configuration management software application for performing hardware configuration management of manufactured products, fielded equipment, networked systems, and in-service assets throughout their extended lifecycle of use.

PDMPlus is a Product Data Management (PDM) application that was designed and developed from its inception to provide at its core – not merely support – full lifecycle CM as its most important function.  This comprehensive implementation of CM is a giant “Plus” when compared to the limited CM capabilities found in traditional PDM software developed with a focus on CAD or BOM management.

PDMPlus makes it far more efficient and reliable to compose, manage, track, reconcile, and report on the “live” configuration status of long-life products, assemblies, systems, networks, and other assets that are deployed in operational use, often in remote locations.  These fielded assets may be in use for many years, or even decades, functioning in environments that are long removed both physically and digitally from the OEM’s original CAD or PDM data vault.

Asset Configuration Management Software Uses

PDMPlus provides role-based configuration management software capabilities for expert authors, occasional users, and downstream consumers of configuration data.  These users require easy and dependable access to dynamic configuration data for performing their work in diverse organizations downstream of engineering such as test, quality, procurement, logistics, repair, supply chain, and aftermarket service.  For these CM users, engineering-centric PDM software or enterprise-level PLM systems bring on an obesity of general capabilities and burdensome complexity that is not desired – along with a cost to acquire and time to deploy they can’t afford – yet without the deep CM functionality and nimble usability they do seek.

PDMPlus offers the CM functionality and process workflow automation tools needed for real-world use over an extended lifecycle of frequently changing configurations.  This includes the configuration at each stage of the asset’s life: as-ordered, as-designed, as-built, as-tested, as-shipped, as-installed, as-certified, as-provisioned, as-maintained, as-refurbished, as-retired, and as-disposed.  Industries which have these requirements of CM include aviation, transportation, aerospace & defense, industrial machinery, mining, electronics, energy, naval/marine, and AEC infrastructure.

Configuration Management Software PillarsAs a best-in-class commercial-off-the-shelf solution, PDMPlus was designed from the ground up by CM specialists to support the most rigorous industry standards including ANSI/EIA-649B and CMII.   As such, PDMPlus fully supports the five tenets of CM: configuration planning, configuration identification, configuration control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audits.

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