Configuration Management Software and CDRL Data Management Software

Configuration Management Tools for Product Data Management (PDM) Applications

While there are many industry-specific definitions of Configuration Management (CM), a good general meaning of CM is the application of resources, methodologies, processes, software solutions, best practices, standards, and governance policies to establish and maintain consistency and traceability between product requirements, the actual product, and product data for all the creators and users of this information. CMstat’s focus in on implementing hardware configuration management tools that support industry standards and best practices of the aviation, aerospace & defense, and other high-tech industries.

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Data Management (DM) Solutions for Contract Deliverables (CDRL) Data Management Applications

In performance-based contracting, the deliverables of documentation and data are often just as important as delivering the final physical product or service to a customer. Contract Deliverables Data Management (CDDM) is the management of all the data deliverables and processes associated with contracts between trading partners such as procurement organizations, prime contractors and subcontractors. In the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry where contracts are often with government agencies, this function is also referred to as Contract Data Requirements List CDRL Data Management DM or Deliverables Data Management DDM.

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