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The Importance of Configuration Management Training

In our recent CMsights article on “Lessons Learned from Implementing Configuration Management” we began sharing the most common mistakes CMstat has witnessed others make — and learn from the hard or easy way — when developing then executing their configuration management plan. By far the most common error was that... Read More

A Configuration Management Guide for A&D Project Managers

It is no secret that levels of technical complexity and financial risk have rapidly grown within nearly every function of a modern-day aerospace and defense (A&D) contractor’s program. Today’s A&D project managers are experiencing a crushing density of complexity due to a confluence of business drivers and technology trends. As…

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An Engineer’s Journey into Configuration Management: The Importance of Training and Certification

In this month’s CMsights post we invited Lisa Fenwick, Vice President of CMstat, to share how configuration management training and configuration management certification became so important to her engineering career. Lisa writes... I was very lucky when I graduated college with my BSME.  My first job was performing project management... Read More