June, 2017

In our most recent series of CMsights Posts we addressed the question of why not use PDM software for all Configuration Management requirements, including those applications downstream of NPD engineering in aftermarket service, repair, maintenance, and overhaul.  A question CMstat received afterwards was about the differences between design-centric PDM software and CM-focused tools in their ability to support CM rules and CM standards.

That’s an important topic as the answer further illustrates why engineering BOM change management is most definitely not the same as intelligent lifecycle configuration management. This becomes especially obvious when comparing general purpose PDM software to industry specific CM tools for how easily CM rules can be defined, standardized, and enforced in the workflows they automate.

To learn more, start by viewing this short YouTube video on “What Difference Does a CM-focused Product Data System Make” that includes a demonstration of CM rules in action using CMstat’s PDMplus CM software.

Your organization’s security policies may prohibit your viewing of the video below. If you are unable to view it on a company computer or device, we recommend viewing it on your personal computer or device, outside of your organization’s network or wi-fi.

Then next, to see a live demo of PDMPlus that addresses the above questions when applied to the CM requirements and processes of your own organization, go to Request a CM Demo or contact us directly at information@cmstat.com.

In the next CMsights post we will look at the differences in the intrinsic support of CM standards between PDM and CM solutions. To receive this post series visit Receive CMsights.