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CMstat offers a complete portfolio of data management and configuration management training, implementation, and consulting services to fit the exact needs of users and their IT support resources. These services include:

Many CM and DM software products on the market today are more like tool kits requiring users to design and build needed functionality within the application framework. These solutions require extensive use of consultants, programmers and customer IT resources over a period of months if not years. Rarely is the total cost of ownership (TCO) known until the implementation is complete, and unfortunately many implementations fall well short of user requirements or management expectations.

CMstat software solutions like PDMPlus and EPOCH DM were designed to be rapidly deployable and instantly usable with a quick ROI.  Customers know upfront the functionality they are getting as well as the total cost of ownership before purchase.

CMstat is so confident of its software products and consulting services that its implementation services are proposed and delivered as fixed-price tasks. Customers will know the scope, schedule, and cost for each work task, as well as the number of their own hours required to support the implementation.

Additionally, CMstat offers general configuration management training and CDRL deliverables data management training classes based on industry standards, best practices, and workflow processes. CMstat personnel are certified experts in CM and DM process improvement consulting to help customers quickly identify process constraints and optimize workflows.

For information on CMstat consulting services and implementation methodology, please contact us at:

Tel: 877.537.1959

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    The support we receive from CMstat is over and above what could normally be expected. This company is really a poster child for extraordinary customer service.
    Cheryl Anderson, Lockheed Martin
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