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Configuration Management Software

The CMstat PDMPlus™ configuration management software product is a best-in-class PDM “plus” CM solution for managing the live configuration of products, assemblies, systems, networked sites, fielded equipment, and in-service assets over their extended lifecycle of operational use.

PDMPlus is a rapidly deployable, instantly usable, and quickly affordable configuration management software solution that was developed to meet the most rigorous industry standards and best practices for CM including ANSI/EIA-649B, CMII, and CMPIC.

PDMPlus is used by OEMs and their supply and service chain partners in industries such as A&D where controlling, tracking, reporting, and accounting of the as-designed, as-installed, as-certified, as-maintained, and as-repaired configuration is mission critical.

Creators and users of configuration data in engineering services, project management, manufacturing, quality, logistics, procurement, tech pubs, customer service, field service, repair, and maintenance now have a right-size CM tool in PDMPlus with the functionality and usability they desire. Previously, these capabilities were only available in engineering PDM or enterprise PLM software after substantial customization and lengthy implementation.

Learn more from CMstat about the applications of Hardware Configuration Management and the extensive CM capabilities of PDMPlus.

Deliverables Data Management Software

The CMstat EPOCH DM™software product is the only commercial-off-the-self solution focused on contract deliverables data management (also known as CDDM,  DM, or CDRL management) for use by prime contractors and their subcontractors in the aerospace & defense industry.

EPOCH DM helps data managers to aggregate, track, review, audit, and secure the many interdependent DM tasks by managing data deliverables and automating workflow processes in the context of their associated programs, contracts, and projects.

EPOCH DM simplifies, standardizes, automates, and accelerates the process of generating, reporting, verifying, submitting, and archiving all the data required for CDRLs and SDRLs that govern compliance with customer requirements and payments to contractors.

When used on performance-based contracts, EPOCH DM empowers data and project managers to improve organizational efficiencies, reduce internal costs, avoid delivery delays, maximize contract revenues, and enhance program profitability.

Learn more from CMstat about Contract Deliverables Data Management and the EPOCH DM solution for CDRL data management.

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