June, 2019

Learn more about these “Ten Configuration Management Truths for Aerospace Project Managers”…

  1. Configuration Management is the foundation for Quality Management at the product, project and program levels.
  2. CM is everyone’s responsibility, not just relegated to the engineering group or the CM expert.
  3. CM is not about the product history, or its present state, or even the future impact of changes.
  4. Your state of the art ERP or SCM system will not support the five tenets of CM.
    Five Tenets of CM
  5. Neither does having PDM or PLM software guarantee that your project is performing CM.
  6. Change control or document version control is not configuration management.
  7. A plan for using CM software is not the same as having a CM Plan.
  8. Special CM training and certification is needed.
  9. Ignore CM standards at your own peril, especially on international defense projects.
  10. CM requires executive involvement to provide oversight and governance.

…in this recent article from Tom Tesmer, President of CMstat, published in the May 2019 edition of “Aerospace Manufacturing and Design” at https://www.aerospacemanufacturinganddesign.com/article/10-configuration-management-truths–for-project-managers/.

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