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CMstat enters Technical Partnership with i-Infusion

Las Vegas, NV, October 22, 2013

CMstat, a leading supplier of Hardware Configuration Management and Data Management software solutions, announced the establishment of a technology partnership with i-Infusion, developer of Orpheus™ a powerful new Enterprise Process Management tool that provides the key capabilities necessary to rapidly and fully define business processes and automatically generate a multitude of deliverables, including detailed Resource, Process, Requirements and Interoperability reports.

EIA-859, the Standard for Data Management, Principal 1.0 states that you must “Define the Enterprise Relevant Scope of Data/Information Management” in order to effectively and efficiently implement any Data/Information management system.

Orpheus provides an easy to use, intuitive application for defining the “Enterprise Relevant Scope” by providing the framework needed to capture enterprise enabling processes, as well as the ingredients (i.e. information, security, knowledge, flow) needed to understand, execute, operate, support and manage them.

Orpheus allows CMstat to offer its customers an integrated approach Enterprise Product Data and Process Management by leveraging the Orpheus Process frame work. This combined approach expands the customer capabilities well beyond the traditionally limited PDM/PLM scope.

About Orpheus

Orpheus™ provides the missing elements for success:

  • The Framework to quantify processes; and
  • The Ability to Transform the quantified processes into capabilities.

Managing our process is the right thing to do but prior to now, it has been impossible to hold it all together in a productive maintainable way.

The largest part of many organizations’ budgets are operational expenses for “day to day” services provided to the organization by operational departments – IT, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Quality, Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, etc.

Each department has its own collection of processes to provide and enable its capabilities and services.

Collectively, these areas enable cross-functional processes that make up the larger organization – very much like an Orchestra. And like an Orchestra, they must be led by either a talented conductor or have great music (think “process”) in order to produce a world class product. Each functional area must be quilted together into a landscape of quantifiedcapabilities designed to solve problems.

The question is, what do you know about these processes? How are you measuring their performance today? Are they documented anywhere or are they “Tribal Knowledge”?

About CMstat

CMstat is a leading supplier of COTS Product Data Management, Hardware Configuration Management & CDRL Management solutions to the Aerospace & Defense Industry.

CMstat provides in-depth COTS functionality and rapid deployment solutions for Hardware Configuration Management and CDRL Management solutions. CMstat customers enjoy full CM/DM application functionality upon installation, avoiding the painful “long term” implementation process required by most PDM/PLM software vendors.

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