Asset Configuration Management and Contract Data Management Software

CMstat EPOCH Configuration Management Software

EPOCH CM is a rapidly deployable, quickly affordable, instantly usable, and easily extensible application for performing “live” Hardware Configuration Management of high-tech products, fielded equipment, in-service assets, and deployed systems over their extended lifecycle of operation.

EPOCH CM, like its predecessor PDMPlus CM, delivers the most comprehensive CM functionality “out of the box” in a nimble standards-based solution developed not just for configuration specialists in engineering but also for non-expert or occasional consumers of configuration data located across the supply and service chains.

EPOCH CM was developed to meet the most rigorous industry standards and best practices for CM including those from EIA-649, CMII, and CMPIC. Learn more about the CM applications, capabilities, functionality, and user benefits of EPOCH CM at:

CMstat EPOCH DM Contract Deliverables Data Management Software

EPOCH DM is the only commercial-off-the-shelf solution available today focused exclusively on Contract Deliverables Data Management (CDDM), including the data records and documents required for CDRLs and SDRLs.

EPOCH DM helps users to collect, automate, track, review, audit, and secure the contract data management function by managing both data deliverables and workflow processes in the context of their associated programs, contracts, and projects. When used on performance-based contracts, EPOCH DM empowers project and data managers to reduce internal costs, avoid execution delays, maximize contract revenues, and enhance overall program profitability.

EPOCH DM was developed from the ground up to comply with A&D industry standards for data management including ANSI/EIA-859. Learn more about the applications, capabilities, functionality, ane user benefits of EPOCH DM at:

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